Why invest

Reasons to Invest in East Staffordshire

  • Central location - Central location and unrivalled rail, road and airport access bring the UK and Europe to your doorstep.
  • Skilled workforce - The borough has full availability of a well educated, multi-lingual and highly skilled workforce. Just beyond East Staffordshire’s borders lie some of the best academic and research universities in the country. Universities in Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and Loughborough are all within easy reach and give businesses an opportunity to build relationships with these universities and recruit and maintain high calibre graduates.
  • Excellent place to live and work - There is an excellent quality of life on offer with an attractive mix of historic urban centres and beautiful rural environments.
  • Funding and support - Business advice and a comprehensive suite of financial support is available to businesses considering locating to, or expanding in East Staffordshire.
  • Available land and property - A major advantage to East Staffordshire is the amount of land and property available in excellent locations.

ESBC’s Regeneration Programme: Investing in our Borough

East Staffordshire Borough Council is proactively working with private sector land owners, developers and businesses to facilitate development and growth in the borough. The council is also progressing regeneration of a number of its own brownfield sites, and investing in the borough through delivery of a number of regeneration projects.

Dove Way, Uttoxeter

In 2013 outline planning consent was granted for mixed use development of land to the south of the A50 and east of the Dove Way, Uttoxeter. The consent, which covered parcels of land, owned by East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) and Clowes Securities (West Midlands) LLP, was a significant milestone in bringing forward this key strategic site for development. In July 2015 Members of the Planning Committee voted to approve a full planning application solely for the Council owned land. The development proposals consist of use Classes B1 (Business), B2 (General Industrial) and B8 (Storage and Distribution).

At present the site has no existing vehicular access, and as such funding has been secured to introduce a new site access from the Dove Way. Infrastructure works to create the new access and access road are now well underway. The drawings submitted as part of the latest planning application for the site show a total of 5 business units providing over 10,500m2 of commercial floor space with the potential to create up to 500 jobs. The buildings will be suitable for simple sub-division or amalgamation in order to facilitate a wide range of business sizes.

  • Planning application P/2015/00875 - Full application for the erection of 5 detached buildings to form 10 units for Classes B1 (Business), B2 (General Industrial) and B8 (Storage and Distribution), including the formation of a new vehicular access.

Pennycroft Lane, Uttoxeter

The 1.46 hectare brownfield Pennycroft Lane site is approximately 500m to the north of Uttoxeter town centre and borders an existing residential area, scrubland and public open space. Access to this site is currently from Pennycroft Lane off Park Street to the west of the site. A full planning application for the demolition of the existing structures and the erection of 49 residential dwellings and associated infrastructure was submitted in January 2015. At Planning Committee Members voted to approve the application subject to the signing of a Section 106 agreement. The development of this site will form a natural extension to the residential area of Uttoxeter town centre, providing new high quality housing to the benefit and regeneration of Uttoxeter and its surrounding area.

Geo-environmental assessments and surveys carried out on the site have identified the presence of contamination, and a remediation method statement has been produced to remediate the site to the standard required by a residential development. Due to the nature of the works and the risks associated with contamination of the site the Council conducted an open tender process for the appointment of a specialist contractor. Dunton Environmental Limited was appointed in July 2015, and the first phase of the works completed in December 2015. Phase 1 road construction works commenced in June 2016 and are now complete. The works formed part of the existing contract with Amey, who are already building the access road serving the Dove Way employment project, and the County Council’s new Household Waste Recycling Centre in Uttoxeter. 

  • Planning application P/2014/01663 - Full application for the erection of 49 dwellings, comprising 9 detached dwellings, 18 pairs of semi-detached dwellings and one block of 4 terraced dwellings.

Inner Burton Initiative

The Bargates development site is a key development site and its regeneration is vital to the overall economic health of Burton’s town centre. In 2012 the Council successfully negotiated the acquisition of the Tesco owned portion of this site. The derelict buildings were quickly demolished and the land was greened so to provide a much more attractive area of grassed open space.The properties included in the Inner Burton Initative (IBI) sit opposite this strategic site, and improvements to the properties and anticipated increase in footfall, occupancy and positive perceptions of the area will help showcase this site to developers.
This £681,678 scheme which was funded by Government focused on the external facelift of 24 properties including a number of successful eateries and small and independent retailers. The scope of work included reinstating traditional shop fronts, new signage, removal of redundant cables and replacing damaged guttering. In the short term the group repair of these properties at the northern end of High Street will help improve footfall and occupancy. In the longer term the improvements will reinforce positive perceptions of the area and help us bring forward regeneration of a key development site, delivering new jobs and new homes. A selection of before and after photos can be seen below: